"Meet Leonardo, the Mummy Dinosaur"

A Journey of Discovery

Watch as volunteers spend more than eight months excavating this brachylophosaurus in remote Montana. See the mummified remains of the world's best preserved dinosaur with skin and muscle tissue covering more than 90% of its body.

Hear Nate Murphy, curator of the Phillips County Museum and chief investigator, describe the new knowledge gained from Leonardo as well as the secrets Leonardo has yet to reveal.

Witness the World Premier unveiling of the Leonardo life size reproduction, and a special appearance by Dr. Robert Bakker.

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The Life-size Model 10' x 23'

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The Official Videographer of the

Judith River Dinosaur Institute

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Dino Shows Currently in Production:

A series of programs from the archival footage of previous digs featuring the most recent discovery.

The Roberta Dig will be available fall of 2008.

Ralph, an entirely new species of dinosaur. The skull was unearthed in the summer of 2005. Watch for the exciting video of this world class find coming the summer of 2009!

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